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EnMGW Print

EnMGW - EnOcean Modbus Gateway providing bidirectional communication between EnOcean radio network and Modbus

ImageConnects EnOcean devices to Modbus RTU network.

Adds EnOcean wireless functionality to the existing Building automation systems.

EnMGW is a key device in every EnOcean network as enables the realization of admittance to it.

The gateway provides bidirectional data transfer between wireless EnOcean devices and Modbus RTU network.

Each EnMGW can receive data from up to 16 EnOcean wireless sensor/ input devices and can send data to up to 16 EnOcean wireless output devices.

ZSerial industrial radiomodem 2.4 GHz for RS232/ 485/ 422 Print

ImageEasy and fast connect the segments of serial interfaces ?

Wirelessly extend the serial interface RS232, RS485, RS422 ?

Use the new ZSerial ZigBee modules of Comicon.

 Use ZSerial to connect wirelessly remote segments from your RS 485 or RS 422 networks, or your RS 232 devices. 

Operation modes: "point-to-point" or "point-to-multipoint".

ZSerial works with RS 232, RS 485 (2-wire connection), RS 422 (4-wire connection) serial interfaces.

Compatible with standard IEEE802.15.4.

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