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COMICON provides the following engineering services:

  •  Key-turn solutions for automation of industrial processes and systems: design by certified designers, manufacture of control panels, installation, software for PLC, HMI & SCADA, commissioning, warranty and aftersale service.
  • Solutions for energy management and BMS.
  • Telemetric systems for remote wireless control and monitoring of installations.
  • Commissioning of PLC, HMI and SCADA (Schneider Electric, OAS, Allen Bradley, 7T, Siemens, Iconics, Kepware, Comicon), including SIL3.
  • Integration of industrial networks and equipment of different producers.
  • Construction & assembly works – parts Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical.
  • Design and building up of videowall systems for control rooms and other applications.

Please, see the “Reference list” with more detailed information about our realised projects.