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R&D project for ZigBee Green Power controller and sensor Print

Research and development project for model and prototype of irrigation controller and soil moisture measuring sensor with wireless communication and low energy consumption, financed by the National Innovation Fund, was successfully fulfilled by Comicon

Image Our team always strives to produce and deliver high-quality products and services meeting the latest trends in the corresponding areas and with a high share of knowledge-intensive ingredient of added value.

Our expertise in the development of industrial programmable logic controllers and products based on ZigBee and EnOcean wireless networking specifications has given us the opportunity to expand our research and development capabilities and to create prototypes of new, innovative products for precision farming. The project utilizes ZigBee Pro 2012 Green Power environmentally friendly wireless communication with low energy consumption,  without use of main power supply or batteries.

Within the project were carried out:

  • research of the quality and performance of ecologically powered ZigBee Green Power wireless networks, without using of  mains power supply or batteries;
  • study of methods for measuring of soil moisture parameters and selection of a suitable one for application in a sensor with low-power consumption and adaptation to the soil conditions;
  • based on the research, a model and prototype of a soil moisture sensor with wireless communication under ZigBee Green Power technology was developed;
  • configurations and scenarios for programming and operation of irrigation systems were investigated;
  • based on the research were developed:

          a) a model of an intuitive language for programming of  irrigation controller

          b) a model and prototype of irrigation controller - hardware and firmware

          c) a specification of a computer software - configurator, editor and monitor

          d) a prototype of the computer software - configurator, editor and monitor.

With the execution of the project the Comicon team has also achieved the following goals:

  • a great deal of knowledge and experience on the use and design of ZigBee Green Power wireless devices were acquired;
  • a prototype of  wireless soil moisture measuring sensor was developed - smart, ecological, with optimal value;
  • a prototype of irrigation controller was developed - flexible, freely programmable, easy to use by end users thanks to the intuitive programming language, with optimal value;
  • enhancement of the know-how capacity and competitiveness of the Comicon team.
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