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Solar controller Print

ImageProvides simultaneously the following functions:

   - Automatic control of the battery charging by solar panel;

   - Automatic load control (switching on and off the electrical consumers)

   - The battery charging from the solar panel is started automatically at battery voltage less than 13 V. This process continues till reaching the upper voltage threshold (13.75 V) for the battery.

    - The electrical consumers, connected to the battery, automatically switch on at battery voltage higher than 12 V and automatically switch off at voltage less than 11 V.

Exceptionally low own consumption: less than 10 µA

Min. operating voltage: 9 V.

Max. current from the solar module: 2 A

Max. load current: 2 A

Accumulator reverse polarity protection.

Load circuit overcurrent protection.

Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection.

Protection class IP54.

Operating ambient temperature: -40°÷+60° C.

Dimensions with glades: 167mm x 85mm x 56 mm.

Weight: 0.2 kg.

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