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Main features:

   - collects  data from networks of different manufacturers by world standardised OPC technology. An ideal instrument for integration of equipment of different producers in an integrated information system;

   - a rich set of instruments with convenient interface for configuration of parameters, screens, graphical objects, histories, access levels and passwords, reports, connection to OPC servers. An uniformed configuration approach nevertheless the type of the industrial networks. Intuitive interface based on the Microsoft Windows Explorer style;

   - monitoring of technological equipment through a set of easy configurable screens, containing mnemonics and different graphical objects;

   - real time graphical visualisation (trends) of parameters and visual processing of these data like zoom, scrolling, dynamic scales, change colouring, etc. ;

   - “unlimited” number of parameters  depending on the features of the computer system only, on which the software is installed;

   - file archives for analogue and discrete parameter's values for long time periods (years);

   - functions for data processing, mathematical calculations, etc.

   - data verification;

   - enables data transfer from historical files to electronic tables for further processing, generating reports, technological and alarm journals, journals for operator interventions and other text documents;

   - prints charts and texts.

It works under Windows XP, 2000, NT.


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