COMmunication, Information, CONtrol
Programmable logic controller NG5-48 Print

ImageA compact and modular micro PLC, including 3 types of I/O cards of the distributed communication input/output system DIOS, developed by COMICON.

Easy programming via a personal computer (PC).

Ladder Diagram 1.5K steps, 4 PID loops, 4K variables.

FLASH 20 KB for program and constants.

Power independent real time clock and variables.

NG5-48 can manage without extensions and multiplexing alternatively up to: 48 DI, 48 DO, 24 AI or 12 AO.

Addressing of 256 DI, 256 DO,128 AI, 128 AO.

Communication interface RS485 is used for:

   - connecting to COMICONBUS network or PC;

   - for increasing the number of the I/O with DIOS modules - network DIOSBUS;

LED indication for the status of the discrete I/O, the status of communication and the mode of the controller operation.

Small dimensions and weight, easy and convenient mounting on 35mm DIN rail.

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