COMmunication, Information, CONtrol
Processor DP99 for distributed programmable controller Print

ImageThe processor module works with the modules of the distributed communication input/output system DIOS, developed by COMICON.

Easy programming via personal computer (PC).

FLASH 64 KB for program and constants.

Power independent real time clock and variables.

Addressing of 2K input/outputs.

Ladder Diagram 4K steps, 12 PID loops, 18K variables.

Communication interface:

   - RS485 - DIOSBUS 300m/345.6Kbps

   - RS485 - COMICONBUS 3000m/57,6Kbps or alternatively RS232 15m/19,2Kbps for connection with PC, printer or modem

LED indication for the mode of operation and the communication status of the controller.

Small dimensions and weight, easy and convenient mounting on 35mm DIN rail.

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