COMmunication, Information, CONtrol
JUNIOR V4 - PLC with built-in visualisation Print

ImageIntegrates in one housing the functions of a programmable controller and of an indicating device.

Possibility of combinations of four types processor modules and two types of I/O modules.

Visualization of digital variables by four-digit displays.

Indication of discrete variables by 24 LEDs.

Keys mounted on the front panel for user’s implication.

Configurations from 8 to 48 input/outputs, alternatively up to 20DI, 32DO, 8FI, 8AI, 4AO without extensions and multiplexing.

Double galvanic isolated relay’s outputs.

Easy programming via a personal computer (PC).

Ladder Diagram 1K steps, 4 PID loops, 2K variables.

Power independent memory storage of programs and data.

Two communication interfaces:

   - RS232 for connection with a PC, a modem or a printer

   - RS485 interface for COMICONBUS network

Mounting on a panel.

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