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Modules from distributed input/ output system DIOS Print

ImageDIOS is an alternative of the conventional PLCs, that integrate in one housing the control processor and input/outputs.

Modules are designed for control of remote sensors and actuators. They can be connected with programmable controllers, independent processors or PC, only by single twist-pair cable at long distances and that results in a great reduction of cabling costs.

In a DIOS module two I/O cards are assembled. The type of the I/O cards with galvanic isolation, that can be used, are:

   - 16 discrete inputs 24VDC;

   - 16 discrete transistor outputs 24VDC;

   - 8 + 8 discrete inputs and outputs 24VDC;

   - 8 relay outputs;

   - 8 analogue inputs 4-20 mA;

   - 8 analogue inputs 0-20 mA;

   - 4 analogue outputs 4-20 mA;

   - 4 analogue inputs for thermoresistors;

   - 4 analogue inputs for thermocouples;

   - 8 frequency inputs 24VDC.

The modules are with high accuracy and low cost.

LED indication for the mode of operation and the status of communication.

Small dimensions and weight, easy and convenient mounting on 35mm DIN rail.

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