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JUNIOR DMC - unit for manual control of actuators Print

ImageJUNIOR DMC is connected between current output of a regulator and current inputs of two actuators. It allows operator’s intervention for safe conduct of technological process.

The device has two channels, one for every actuator.

The device has two modes of operation: automatic - the process is controlled via an external regulator and manual - the process is controlled by the user via a potentiometer, situated on the front panel.

In automatic mode of operation the output current of the right channel can be shifted +/-30% towards the output current of the regulator.

The mode of operation is switched by keys on the front panel, indicated by LEDs and repeated by relay’s contacts (for connecting to the external regulator).

The device realizes non-impact switching of operation mode.

Every block has display to indicate the value of output current, in dimension - %. The position of the actuators is evaluated according to the current’s value.

Custom design labels on the front panel.

Mounting in panel’s opening.

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