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SB 7 - light signallisation module Print

ImageSB 7 consists of 7 indicators, faceplate, housing and screw elements. Face plate dimensions: 300mm x 240mm.

Each indicator has a lighting surface and a label. Labels are replaceable. Dimensions of the visible lighting surface of the indicator - 79mm x 39mm; colour of the lightning surface - according to the client order - red, yellow, green.

Each indicator includes LIGHT 50 board, housing, frame and screw elements.

Technical characteristics of LIGHT 50 board:

   - Power supply 20 -35VDC

   - Consumption - max 70 mА - according to the kind of LEDs

   - 10 rows, 5 LEDs in each row

   - Power supply of the rows: by DC/ DC converter, 8.6V ? 10.6V

   - Regulation of the voltage (current) through LEDs: by trimmer

   - Protection against external power reversal

   - Protection against current overload

   - High efficiency coefficient of the DC/ DC converter: 85% Application: panels for alarm and technological signalization for control of industrial processes.

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