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SAMP1 - positioner for electrical drives Print

SAMP1 positioner is a proportional regulator, made by analogue circuits, which provides high speed in comparison with pneumatic and digit positioners.

It performs the equation:

OUT=K (SP-PV), where

SP is a galvanically insulated input 4-20 mA - setting point for the position of the actuator;

PV is an input -10-+10 - feedback for position of the actuator;

OUT is a control output to the actuator - 10-+10V;

K=20, 30, 40.

The voltage signal PV is transformed into the proportional current signal 4ч20 mA, so as to be used by an external device with analogue input.

Power supply: 220 VAC.

Consumption: <= 1W.

Dimensions: 160x90x55.

Mounted on the wall.

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