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UPS Battery Control-connects UPS to solarpanel and batteries Print

Image“UPS Battery Control” allows the standard UPS to use electrical energy produced by solar panel.

It works with one or two battery sets 24 or 36 V and up to 8 A current.

At battery operation mode the UPS consumes from the charged battery while the solar panel is charging the exhausted battery.

The unit alternatively switches on and off the batteries, prevents the batteries overcharge. It switches on the batteries to low consumption mode of operation after their discharging in case the batteries can not be charged.

Batteries reverse polarity protection.

Reverse current protection – from the battery to the solar panel.

Solar panel reverse polarity protection.

Overload protection (short  circuit) for each accumulator battery.

Protection IP20.

Operating ambient temperature: -25°÷+55° C.

Dimensions 153х86х51 mm.

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