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PWR4PHC2 - phase failure register and power supply unit Print
ImageThe Phase failure register and power supply module PWR4PHC2 monitors input phase voltages 57.7V, which feed the electrometer. When these voltages fail, the power supply module provides stabilised back-up supply 15 VDC/ 0.25A to the electrometer. In this way local or remote acquisition of the accumulated in the electrometer information is provided.
Through LED indicators PWR4PHC2 separately signals of each input phase voltage failure below 20VAC and registers the times ‘start’ and ‘end’ of faults for each phase separately, for power supply voltage 220 VAC and for back-up power supply. These records are kept in a non-volatile memory and can be red by a portable computer or data acquisition system.
Closing of dry contact signals of the each phase voltage failure below 50 VAC.
LED indicators for switching on the back-up power supply to the electrometer and normal work of the microprocessor part.
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