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EnMGW Print

EnMGW - EnOcean Modbus Gateway for bidirectional communication between EnOcean radio network and Modbus.

ImageConnects EnOcean devices to Modbus RTU network.

Adds EnOcean wireless functionality to the existing Building automation systems.

EnMGW is a key device in every EnOcean network as enables the admittance to the EnOcean radio network.

The gateway provides bidirectional data transfer between wireless EnOcean devices and Modbus RTU network.

Each EnMGW can receive radio data from up to 16 EnOcean wireless sensor/ input devices and can send data to up to 16 EnOcean wireless output devices.

eWON® Netbiter LC gateway Print


By connecting a Netbiter LC gateway to a machine, device or sensor, you can monitor this equipment in a regular web browser. You Imageaccess the information by logging on to the Netbiter LC’s internal webpages or by using the built-in ThingWorx connectivity which allows you to see the live values in ThingWorx.

Access option 1:

View data from your equipment via a local network (LAN)
The Netbiter LC gateways are equipped with an internal web interface, allowing you to view live values, logged data and get alarms from your machine. LC gateways are specifically designed for use with closed and secure Local Area Networks (LAN).

Access option 2:

View live values in ThingWorx
The Netbiter LC gateways also come with plug-and-play Thingworx connectivity allowing you to create a “Thing” in ThingWorx with a Imagefew clicks of the mouse. In ThingWorx, you can easily build graphical dashboards (Mashups) and get alarms and reports online.



Connectivity to the device/machine
The Netbiter LC gateways securely connect to your field equipment via Serial RS-232/485, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP. On-board I/O ports provide the option to connect sensors and additional equipment to the system.

Two versions: Ethernet and Cellular
Netbiter LC comes in two versions: LC310 sends data via Ethernet only, while LC350 can use both Ethernet and cellular communication (3G/GSM/ GPRS).

View data and get alarms from remote equipment by logging on to the Netbiter LC’s internal webpages over a LAN network.






Ready-made ThingWorx connectivity
Netbiter LC comes with an included wizard which makes it easy to map values from a
Modbus device to ThingWorx. Moreover, there are ready-made device templates for hundreds of industrial devices available for free download on The result is that you can connect your equipment to ThingWorx with a couple of mouse clicks.







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