eWON Cosy 131

eWON Cosy - Your Easy Remote Access to PLC, HMI, IPC, IP Camera

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The eWON Cosy is an industrial VPN gateway designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. With the eWON Cosy, OEMs and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site, drastically reducing support costs.




Communication made easy with Talk2M

1. The eWON Cosy is connected to the Talk2M server.

2. The engineer uses the eCatcher client remotely to login to his Talk2M account, and selects the machine he wants to connect to.

3. A fully secure VPN tunnel is now set up between the engineer and the machine. The engineer can go live with any devices connected to the eWON Cosy's LAN ports.




Secure Remote Access through Talk2M

eWON is a brand of HMS Industrial Networks AB - a publicly traded Swedish company with three decades of experience in Industrial Communication. HMS develops and manufactures solutions for connecting automation devices and systems to Industrial Networks.

More information:  https://ewon.biz/solutions/remote-access